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In my paintings I explore the realms of suggestive, enigmatic apparitions, seeing thoughts and ideas almost as patterns, interacting to define the optimum image in new forms and shapes which symbolise their existence. Prompted by a collection of my childhood drawings, which show a playful approach to the monsters of the imagination, my earlier self is revisited and explored in an ongoing reinterpretation, allied with visual resonances within the urban, contemporary scene. By altering and dramatising the scale of the original, often very small drawings, and representing chance actions in a controlled, deliberate way the process of painting reveals and amplifies previously hidden information, both visual and psychological, hinting at some kind of narrative beyond your conscious grasp.

What is sought, in this interaction between the abstract and the surreal, is a combination of spontaneity and control: a chaotic precision that extracts and re-presents the lost and found on an epic scale. Likewise, the titles of my paintings, though they parallel rather than describe the work, are precise and are chosen to function as micro-poems analogous to the images as they emerge and are defined.

- Mark Elliott Smith


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