20th Century Artists


Patrick Heron 1963

Patrick Heron was born in 1920 in Leeds, he later went on to study at Slade School, London. He worked for his father at Cresta Silks and it was there that he designed his first silkscreen. However his working environment was diverse and he also work as an assistant at Leach’s pottery in St Ives, an agricultural labourer in Cambridge, and as an art critic for the New English Weekly. In 1978 Herons book was published, The Shape of Colour, which bought together all the knowledge he had gained form lecturing all round the world

His first one man show was in London at the Redfern Gallery in 1947. His early works were mainly figurative using distinctive colours and patterns. They consisted of still-lifes and interiors which were flat and linear.  During this period you can see the influence of Braque, but that began to change as he moved further into abstraction. During his time as an artist in residence at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney Heron produced many works which showed his continuing experimentation with juxtaposition, colour and composition, as a representation of the natural world. His works used vibrant colour and became unmistakable.

Patrick Heron’s studies of natural forms, uses our senses as a guide particularly through colour. For example Horizontal Stripe Painting shows thin lines of paint brushed on in one movement as the colours merge together, seemingly to referring to coastal landscape.

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