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Ascend II

Fascinated by his local surroundings, James visits the Thames Estuary habitually, at different times of the day and under varying conditions.  Through constantly re-visiting and absorbing this environment, James has been able to paint a rich and complex portrait of the landscape that takes on an almost narrative quality. 

James has said of his paintings:

'Under a bleached out summer light or evening glow, the paintings contain pill boxes and structural remnants littering the Thames Estuary landscape.  A continuing interest in the bittiness of the despoiled working landscape provides me with a rich long term enquiry.'

Although James Judge's work in many ways appears to follow the tradition of landscape painting, it does not represent a slavish representation of what lies before his eyes.  These are not simply descriptive images.  Horizons are blurred and distorted through James’s investigative technique – of layering the paint and then literally performing an excavation of the picture surface.  The result is an image that is a more deeply considered interpretation of the landscape. 

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