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'I paint landscapes and interiors from memories, feelings and impressions which display the romantic elements and the spirit of places filtered through my own vision and artistic sensibilities.'

He transform an ordinary view into an extraordinary vision through his use of tonal contrasts, texture, light and shade; creating works which have vitality, spontaneity and a sense of timelessness.'


Colin Kent was born in London and now lives in Essex. He studied painting and architecture at Walthamstow College of Art, and worked for a number of years as an architect. He was elected a member of the Royal Institute in 1971.

Colin works in mixed media, where atmospheric scenes are discovered through experimentation and varied use of paint. Shadows and light create a romantic atmosphere, full of fantasy.
His landscapes evoke a sense of tranquillity - buildings and churches are surrounded by empty spaces, seascapes by melancholy - all are serene and quiet.
Ink lines focus on certain specific features, perhaps a fence in the landscape, a horse in a field or a boat in water.

Coastal Hills

The rich texture of the surface, created by painting and over painting in various mixed media, brings an abstract quality to the work and composition, almost creating the materials - the concrete of a wall or house, or sand on the beach.
This freer, more intuitive use of lines and colour adds to the dramatic quality of the paintings, as well as enhancing the texture that makes them so captivating and makes us aware of the atmosphere and magic of a place or a moment.

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