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Löhr’s work is ethereal. There is no obvious brush stroke, nor a repertoire style, so that every painting is unique. At the same time, decision making and control are apparent as a nature-like gesture where splashes and marks come alive, encompassing an ‘essence’. This never fails to surprise the viewer with vitality and constant dynamism. Flows of ink are caught in mid-air on a canvas, creating the rhythm of moving water or wind as parallel forces that are in motion.



Born in Germany in 1957, Alf Löhr studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and completed a PhD at the Royal College of Art, London. Having spent periods teaching, researching and working in New York, Australia, and Glasgow – to name a few – he has chosen London to be his home for the last twenty-five years. Since the early’s 1990s, Löhr has focussed on producing small watercolours, and has gained in scope until producing large-scale works on canvas.


'painting from three continents' - flash catalogue

Adam Gallery is delighted to present a new show of Alf Löhr’s recent work.  The work shows the distinctive fusion of elegant brushwork and extraordinary use of colour inspired by his recent travels particularly India, rural Australia and Spain.


'(in)versions' - pdf catalogue

In a recent interview Alf Löhr responded to the question ‘what it is about a painting that might cause us to say that it is beautiful? ‘ with the following:

'Whether it is abstract or representational, we find (a painting) beautiful if we can see a pattern in it, a grace of line or movement, harmony or proportion. The eye is caught by a pattern of colour, the way different colours relate to one another; the eye is caught by differentiation and contrast between dark and light, stillness and activity. And yet a painting is lifeless if it is too controlled, too obviously patterned, and organised and its objects too perfect. In truthful art as in a truthful understanding of life there is always a hint or echo of chaos, incompatibility, imperfection and so every beautiful artwork also has an element of pathos'.

'Between Chance and Determination'-cover

'Between Chance and Determination' - pdf catalogue

Alf Löhr tries to approach objectively an emotion: ‘I didn’t want to make a painting, but I wanted the emotional quality of paint’. Alf looks to represent what he feels in an impersonal way in order to leave space to the viewer to reach the same emotion, if it could be possible! Alf’s titles invite us to react, to think: ‘Take care when you speak to me I might listen’. By doing so, he intends to provoke a state of mind that is open to emotions, to make us alert to the invisible. He believes there is a lot that we experience that we cannot express, and he hopes that his paintings provide an outlet for contemplating and committing to ones own subconscious, sensitivity and intuition.

Alf Löhr

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