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'Painting is always a kind of language, and the symbols I use are my idiom. I am playing with symbols because they always retain their secrets, and can keep revealing meaning. If you imagine an icon on your computer screen: you click on it, then it reveals many more icons and images, that you can click on again and continue exploring, to reveal more and more associations. It is infinite.'


Jürgen Möbius

Jürgen Möbius was born in 1939 in Großenhain/Sachsen, Dresden, Germany. He studied Fine Art, Philosophy and History of Art at the University of Mainz from 1959-1965. Möbius has exhibited widely and has a strong international reputation. Recent solo exhibitions include Adam Gallery, London (2012 & 2014), Clariant AG Prattein Switzerland (2013), Galerie Würzner, Düsseldorf (2006), Chesa da Cultura St. Moritz, Switzerland (2005) and Galerie Leonhard, Switzerland (1999). His work can be found in numerous private, public and corporate collections such as the Museum Bochum, Germany; Museum de Arte Moderno, Rio de Janeiro; and Deutsche Bank AG. He now lives and works near Mainz, Germany.

'Laboratory Rooms' - cover

'Laboratory Rooms' - pdf catalogue

Möbius uses the surfaces of his works to highlight the materiality of the paintings. The elements of collage and texture ensure the viewer is aware these are flat, real objects, not illusions. The emphasis on the painting itself as well as playing with opposites, contradictions and ironies, connects Möbius with the ideas of Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns.

'Far Side of the Moon' - cover

'Far Side of the Moon' - pdf catalogue

Möbius uses symbols in his work that seem to retain their secrets whilst revealing infinite associations. The artist suggests 'other' places with their own laws and languages that are different from our own land - 'yet not so different that you can’t imagine it’ –  He crystallizes these layers of meaning in to his canvases, allowing the viewer to continually find new interpretations of his work.

'Archaic News' - cover

'Archaic News' - pdf catalogue

This series of work is an intriguing mix of representative motifs and abstraction. Recognisable forms and landscapes are fragmented and rearranged. Individual calligraphic motifs float on the surface of the canvas forming a graffiti of ancient scripts and symbols. The black shapes or ‘graphisms’ seem to be cut out and have a dynamic relationship with the painterly surface of the background. Jürgen Möbius creates work that is at once energetic and humourous, yet also complex and thought provoking. These strangely beautiful and iconographical pictures have many layers of meaning and have been aptly described by Dr. Philippe Büttner (Beyeler Foundation) as ‘mysterious aquariums full of riddles’.


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