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David Piddock's work can be read like a contemporary take on Piero Della Francesca: emphatic verticals and horizontals, strong surface pattern, carefully judged intervals and restrained detail balanced with a broader description of form. Mostly bathed in strong light, however, the artist creates an evocative world of deep shadows and enigmatic content that keeps us guessing.



David Piddock new work is dominated by a series of panoramic urban landscapes that make innovative use of rotating viewpoints; some completing the full 360 degrees. The subject of these works is a series of London haunts visited and revisited. The resulting images blend fact and fiction to create an evocative world with an enigmatic quality and an unsettling atmosphere.

A view such as 'Greenwich Park' seems like an impossible mix of old and new: the 17th Century buildings in the foreground are framed by the skyline of skyscrapers and the Millennium Dome. This is however a fairly conventional viewpoint with a wide angle view, and the people on the viewing platform draw attention to the process of looking and the contrast between ancient and modern.

'St Katharine's Dock' juxtaposes elements such as the ancient sculpture from the V&A Museum (‘Prometheus, chained to a rock’) with the contemporary resonance of the police horses. The changing light and points of perspective ask questions about time by playing tricks with our expectations and creating a strange ambiguity. The presence of the street lamp as well as other light sources and the clock turns the painting in to a piece addressing concepts such as time and space.

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Pdf catalogue of the exhibition 2011

In addition to the urban landscapes this show includes a series of ten small paintings entitled 'Fragments'. They are studies derived from exploring forgotten corners of London's museums and viewers may notice that the results of these journeys of discovery sometimes find their way into the larger works.

The artist has exhibited extensively and has a strong following of collectors, both private and public. His private clients include Cindy Gallop in New York and his most recent public commission (2010) was a series of large-scale paintings of London scenes for P&O.

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Pdf catalogue of the exhibition 2008

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